Ms. Taryn Henry


My name is Ms. Henry and I am thrilled to still be the grade 5/6 teacher at Osborne School! Our classroom is full of wonderful students with powerful minds and creative drive! I look forward to meeting all parents and guardians!

On this webpage you will find links to help improve students learning.

Ms. Henry 🙂


Language Arts

Proofreading Practice:

Spelling Practice:

Grammar Practice:

All LA Games:

Comic Strip:

Mystery Solving/Gathering Information:

Persuasive Map:


Various Math Outcomes Practice

Measuring Angles and Triangles

Measuring Angles with a Protractor:

Measuring Angles in Triangles – Tank Game:

Triangle Video – BrainPop:

Angle Video – BrainPop:

Polygons Video – BrainPop:

Triangles Lesson – Do the Lesson, then the quiz!:


Triangle Lesson:


Transformations –



Kids Health Site (Abuse) –



Magnetic Force –

Force Games –

Magnetism Video –

Magnetic Force Presentation –

Design a Planet –

Career Education

All About Me Portfolio –