Dreamcatcher Project

Dreamcatcher Project

First off, what does SMART stand for?  Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-bound.  This year it’s all about Reading Comprehension and Reading Level.

Osborne School’s SMART Goal 2018-19 is: By June 2019 100% of Osborne Students will be achieving *mastery or proficiency standards or *50% catch up growth or *an individual goal in text level and reading comprehensive.

What we want to do:

  • to improve student comprehension of fiction and non-fiction reading
  • to enhance instruction/pedagogy – explicit instruction of      comprehension strategies when reading
  • to promote independent student goal setting
  • to have each student gain one grade or reach their 50% goal in text level

Our Reading Motto: Learn to Read, Read to Learn – Big Dreams

Students will be taking part in:

  • Reading Contests, Challenges, Assemblies & Celebrations
  • Student Reading Goal
  • Reading Awards
  • Reading Buddies

Ways To Help Your Child Achieve Success in Reading!

Reading At Home Tips For Parents

How to Encourage your child to Respond to Reading – suggestions_for_reading_response

The best way to get better at reading is to practice! Finding reading material at home may be difficult, visit a library, try a newspaper, a magazine, online reading, a recipe, or even a note sent home.  Check out the picture below.  Reading at home for only 20 minutes a night can help your child achieve success in reading!

Definitely giving this out at the beginning of the year!:

computer-iconHere are some great websites that you can use at home  computer-icon